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Memories of The Old Mill

1980s ish

The band played Unchained Melody as my parents swayed on the dance floor, bellies full from the buffet, and hearts full of time spent with family.

2010s ish

My friend’s friend, from back in the day, was getting married. She asked me to go with her because I am the best wedding date ever! I can talk to anyone. I’m okay on my own, no muss, no fuss. We had the best time ever! We giggled like school girls, ate like queens, and danced like no one was watching!


I wrote poems for couples at The Old Mill's wedding open house. The Old Mill put me on their preferred vendors list! I'm honoured, excited and looking forward to all the poems I'll be writing at weddings!


Preferred Vendor The Old Mill


The Old Mill Wedding Poetry


Wedding Open house The Old Mill


The Old Mill Toronto Open House Vendor


Open House Vendors the Old Mill,



The Old Mill Wedding Open House

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