How does it work?

Whether in person or online, getting a spontaneous typewriter poem written for you follows the same process.

  1. I ask a few questions, and we chat about what you'd like your poem to be about.

  2. Inspired by your words, I spontaneously write a poem on the typewriter, this usually takes about 3 to 5 minutes. When it's completed, I read the poem to you.

  3. If we're in person, I hand the poem over. If we're online, I take a photo of the poem with the typewriter it was written on and email the photo to you. I also snail mail the poem.

How many poems can you write in an hour?

I can write between 8-12 poems an hour in person, and 6-8 online. If you expect a high demand for poems, please book more than one poet, so all your guests can be served.

What types of poems do you write?

I usually write in free verse, with the occasional use of rhythm and rhyme. My style is often encouraging and heartfelt, sometimes cheeky and fun.

What kind of typewriters do you use?

I use post mid-twentieth century manual typewriter that are bought online, and at thrift shops.

What topics do you write about?

Anything and everything. We have a brief chat, and then write a poem inspired by you!

Does everyone get a copy of their poem?

Absolutely! For in person events I hand the poem over, and for online events I email a photo of the poem on top of the typewriter it was written on. I also mail the poem.

Can I get a poem for a friend?

Absolutely, click on this link to buy a spontaneous typewriter poem.