Virtual Events

Cathy and her band of talented poets have a way of connecting with people, discovering their essence, and creating heart felt and spirit-boosting poems — often with a healthy dose of humour.

Every poem, whether custom commissioned or written on the spot is unique, and personalized just for you or your group.

Poetic Offerings

Live Interactive Experience

Impress and engage your guests with a fresh yet nostalgic interactive experience. Our personalized typewriter poems, written on the spot, are ideal for parties, team-building socials and conference breakout room entertainment.

Live  Speaker Appreciation

Thank your keynote speakers with personalized typewriter poems, written on the spot, based on their presentations. A digital photo or video performance of the poem will be available to gift immediately following your speaker’s appearance.

Creative Content Collaboration

Invite attendees or key members to contribute a few words on the theme of your event and we’ll weave them into a unique, collaborative poem. We'll provide a short video performance (live or prerecorded) of your personalized poem — an ideal way to open or close out any event. Plus, you can include a digital photo of the poem in your post-event correspondence.

Custom Experiences
Do you have an idea for a poetic experience? Let's chat, collaborate, and create! Contact Cathy