Online Typewriter Poems

Fun, spirit boosting, and free until we return to typing poems at events.


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 Sometimes words are hard to find - for our feelings, or for gratitude to a friend who loves us as we are.  Maybe you’ve been at a loss for words but want to give someone you care for a little surprise, a little courage. Maybe you need to commemorate an experience, or maybe you need to give yourself a love note to commend your own strength. We, Cathy and the poets of Everyday People Typewriter Poems want to help you find the words. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. We set up a Zoom call where you tell us a bit about what you want to say and to whom (whether that’s your neighbour, your partner, a cashier, or you).
  2. We’ll write you a poem on a vintage typewriter, on the spot, from our home.
  3. We’ll read the poem to you, and then instead of placing the poem in your hand as we normally do at events, we take a photo of the poem and email it to you.

We’re offering this service, free of charge, to inject a little joy, creativity and understanding into our world at this time.

If you’ve got an important date or person you want to celebrate with a personal poem, or you just want your spirit boosted, join us, we'd love to type you a poem.