Typewriter Poetry for Weddings + Events

Impress your wedding and event guests with a fun and interactive idea that entertains and leaves them with a sustainable and memorable party favour they'll treasure. 

Personalized poems written on vintage typewriters for your guests to take home

An engaging and unique activation for weddings, private dinners, holiday parties, social gatherings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, anniversary parties, conferences, conventions, product launches, award galas ... any event where people celebrate life's events and gather.

"This was so gorgeous and such a beautiful experience not only for us but for all of our guests. Your poetry continues to live on in all of our homes. Thank you so much Cathy for the beautiful memories on our wedding day."Rachel + David

wedding entertainment multicultural typewriter poetry
typewriter poem in frame custom written for a couple getting married. personalized poetry for vows and wedding reception entertainment
hand typed poems on a typewriter at weeding receptions and events