Workshops for Schools

  • Globe and Mail

    A fun and creative way for our employees to get to know one another better. - Michele Mondoux, Senior Manager, Employee Communications, Development and Engagement

  • Linda L., Librarian

    Cathy created a welcoming, supportive and thought-provoking experience for everyone. She gave me a much appreciated creative spark.

  • Indigo Books Webinar

    This was amazing. Thank you for helping me get my creative juices flowing.

  • Mommy Connections

    Cathy walked us through her simple but very moving process of writing a heartfelt poem for anything or anyone special in your life.

  • Iris U.

    Thank you for showing us how easy it could be to write a wedding vow, I have been feeling stressed over this though our wedding is planned for next year.

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Play with words, trust your voice, hire a poet