Get Personalized Typewriter Poems for Your Team
Get Personalized Typewriter Poems for Your Team

Get Personalized Typewriter Poems for Your Team


  1. Book a Zoom video with a poet for an hour of social fun for your team

  2. While your team socializes, each team member gets a personalized typewriter poem written just for them

  3. Your team members feel appreciated, and have a digital keepsake of an entertaining, and meaningful experience at work


How many poems can you write in an hour?

Each poet can write between 8-10 poems an hour. If you have a large team, please contact us to arrange for more than one poet.

What poem topics can be requested?

Anything at all. It can be work related, but doesn't have to be. Most people ask for poems about their personal lives. 

What types of poems do you write?

We usually write in free verse, with the occasional use of rhythm and rhyme. Our style is often encouraging and heartfelt, sometimes cheeky and fun.

Do the team members get a copy of their poem?

Absolutely! We email a photo of the poem to an email provided by the team member

Do you offer breakout rooms?

Yes. The team members have the option of having poems written for them in a group setting, or individually in break out rooms.

What happens if you make a mistake?

Typewriters are magic machines that encourage acceptance, so mostly we leave typos as they are to remind people that as in life, mistakes happen. Occasionally the error feels too big, and then we'll type XXXX over a word, and again, as in life, the marks upon the surface add character.

I'm not sure this would work for my team, can I have a test poem?

Absolutely! Please contact us to set a time. We’re happy to do this at no cost because writing poems live is our best marketing tool! 

How do I book a specific time?

Contact us before purchasing to check our availability.

After asking me just a couple of simple questions, a beautiful, personal poem was created. How is it that someone you’ve never met can create something that feels like they’ve known you forever? Truly amazing! Thank you, Cathy, and your incredible team of poets! I love that you are spreading joy during these challenging times. You promised to boost my spirits and that's exactly what you did — and then some!  Judy M.