Typewriter Poem
Typewriter Poem

Typewriter Poem

Show How Much You Care

Are you having trouble finding meaningful, unique, and eco-conscious gifts for birthdays, celebrations, and challenging times? No matter the reason — or sentiment — I’m here to help you express your love, gratitude, admiration, or anything else you'd like to say to your friends and family. 

How It Works

    1. After your purchase, you'll receive a link to book a video call.
    2. During the call, I'll ask you a few questions, and inspired by your words, I'll write a poem on a typewriter. When it's completed, I'll read it to you, email a photo, and snail mail the original.
    3. Your friend will feel amazing for having a poem written just for them!

What People Are Saying

"It’s amazing how just a few minutes and a few beautiful words can turn a day completely around. After asking me just a couple of simple questions, a beautiful, personal poem was created. It’s absolutely perfect, and says more than I could ever put into words for my incredible mom."  - Judy M.

This is a wonderful gift to give yourself!

"I told Cathy about my cross Canada journey and she whipped up a poem for me, and I totally cried! It's now framed on my desk!"  - Caitlin F.