Personalized poetry

written on the spot

on a vintage typewriter.

•  Weddings •

• Pop Up Events •

It's not everyday that people come across a typewriter, or someone who will write a poem for them. That's what I do.

After a brief chat, I start typing, and in about five minutes, the poem is complete.

We share a moment as the poem is read, and then it's theirs to keep. It's the party favour that lasts!

• Poem Spotlight •

Jon asked me to write a poem about his sweetheart. He wanted me to include the words dusk and starlight.

This is Jon's sweetheart, her name is Cat. (P.S. This was at a Great Gatsby themed wedding, that's why she looks so fancy!)

They were delighted with the poem, and continued  their adventure through Graydon Hall Manor.

She creates poetry on the fly. You give her a subject and she works her magic!

Caitlin F.

She is an incredible talent! People were so touched by her poems.

Laura L.

Cathy and her typewriter were the highlight of my event!

Greg M.