Everyday People Typewriter Poems

Personalized poetry written on the spot on a vintage typewriter.

How it works

I take my manual vintage typewriter to events, weddings and parties to write poems.

People tell me a little about themselves and I write them a personalized poem, on the spot, in a few minutes.

It is so much fun, and everybody loves it!

The host has live entertainment at their event, the guests get a custom party favour that they treasure, and I get to write poems!

Every time I walked by I could see a glimmer in the eye of the person holding their poem.  Guests felt so special with their take homes, and so many were touched by the words she wrote. I loved that the poems can be heart felt, emotional, empowering, but also fun and cheeky. Cathy was definitely a hit of the party! 

Love by Lynzie, Nagham, Wedding Planner


Say “I do” to unique wedding reception entertainment that’s also a personalized favour.

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Cathy creates poetry on the fly! You give her a subject and she works her magic!

Caitlin Free Photography


Bring unique entertainment – that’s also a personalized gift  – to your next event.

Inquire about Poetry at Your event

I had the opportunity to showcase Cathy at my recent promotional show. It was a hit. The perfect ice breaker when speaking with prospects. It was delightful and every person smiled and was thrilled. Best Idea ever! Hire her for your next event.

Biji Planners, Simmi, Owner

What would you like your poem to be about?


Cross Canada trip

Break ups

Private things

Team members

Orange juice

People were sharing their poems with each other at the dinner tables all night long. I saw a few people posted their poems on Instagram as well.

Tracey & Danielle, Co-founders of WPIC Inc.