Live Typewriter Poetry at Events

Create buzz at your corporate or social event with a fresh yet nostalgic interactive literary experience that engages people, and provides a thoughtful party favour.
  • Second Harvest

    On event day Cathy was punctual and professional ready to meet with our guests. Every guest I spoke to absolutely LOVED her custom poetry and thought it added a unique yet personalized touch to the event that they had never seen before!

  • Shoppers Pharmacy & Wellness Conference

    The attendees loved your booth, I even had people at registration asking where you were located to go see you specifically!

    I would have said hi, but you were working your magic and it was very busy onsite.

  • Word on the Street

    A poem for a young woman in love, written on a typewriter at The League of Canadian Poets' booth at The Word on the Street festival in Toronto.

    I've had the pleasure of supporting the League for years with spontaneous poetry, as they in turn support Canadian poets.

  • The Daniels Corporation

    I was hired to write poems for The Core Collection & New Portal Launch. People asked for poems about family, friends and fur babies, upcoming marriages and travel plans, Regent Park, and the hard work that goes into being a platinum agent.

  • Indigo poetry typewriter activation


    Indigo celebrates 25 years with typewriter poetry.

    The customers who sat with me were incredibly open, and the stories they brought to the table moved me so. I wrote poems about toxic friends, amicable break-ups, pink pianos, coming into one’s own queerness, moms, new homes, birthdays and bagels.

  • poetic typewriter experience and activation in Toronto, Canada


    I absolutely loved and adored the energy you brought, the way you set up a comforting space with beautiful little details. You really were the highlight to so many people that night. Many folks who I spoke with mentioned how fun this experience was and how moved they were when they received your poetry. I just took a look at our post-event survey results and the ratings you received were sky high!

  • Human Branding

    Everyone that had the opportunity to connect with you had nothing but wonderful things to say, everyone was pleasantly surprised and thrilled with the sweet memorable experience you provided.

  • Toronto Arts Foundation

    Cathy provided a wealth of ideas for my in-person conference. Throughout the process she was generous with both her ideas and her time, and her work was deeply personal and insightful. From prose to packaging, she has remarkable attention to detail and a tremendous eye for nuance. What a wonderful addition to any event.

  • Artworxto poetry typewriter Toronto

    Artworxto at Jamii

    Thank you to Cathy for helping us bring our social experiment to life, and for touching the hearts of many in the Esplanade with your awe-inspiring poetry!

  • globe and mail vendor
  • hyatt hotel vendor
  • toronto arts council vendor
  • toronto arts foundation vendor

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