Cathy Thorne, typewriter poet Toronto

I love poetry, people and old-school typewriters - and I’ve found the perfect way to combine all three! I write on-the-spot personalized poems at in-person and virtual events, creating wonderful keepsakes for your guests. I also host engaging poetry-writing workshops, passing along my best tips and tricks so that everyone leaves with a poem they’ve created themselves. 

As a cartoonist with a background in improvisational theatre, creative writing and visual arts, I’m able to quickly connect with folks to write heartfelt, spirit-boosting (and sometimes cheeky) poems for them. Believe it or not, the whole process takes only about five minutes!  

In my one-hour workshops, attendees learn how to organize their thoughts quickly and creatively through a series of short, fun exercises, ultimately resulting in each person creating a poem that has special meaning to them.   

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