"Cathy was amazing to work with and provided such a wonderful personalized experience for our guests. Every time I walked by I could see a glimmer in the eye of the person holding their poem. She was definitely a hit of the party! Guests felt so special with their take homes, and so many were touched by the words she wrote. I loved that the poems can be heartfelt, emotional, empowering, but also fun and cheeky.

I definitely recommend Cathy if you want to provide a special and unique take home for your guests to cherish forever."
Nagham Cararah, Love by Lynzie
Graydon Hall Manor wedding entertainment

photo by Daring Wanderer

"If you're looking for something cool to add to your wedding day, check out this beauty! Cathy creates poems for your guests in 5 minutes!! I told her about my cross-Canada journey and she whipped up a poem for me, and I totally cried! It's now framed on my desk!"
Caitlin Free, Caitlin Free Photography

Caitlin Free, Toronto wedding Photography

photo by Caitlin Free