Get A Poem

Meet me online to chat about any topic you like, and I'll create a personalized custom poem for you on my typewriter — right there on the spot.

When the poem is complete, I read it aloud. Later that day, you'll receive a digital photograph of the typed poem by email, and the next day I'll pop the original poem in the mail.

We can meet one-on-one, or as a group if the poem is your way of celebrating a friend or family member.

  • Judy M.

    After asking me just a couple of simple questions, a beautiful, personal poem was created. It’s absolutely perfect, and says more than I could ever put into words for my incredible mom.

  • Dennis H.

    Cathy is not only a brilliant poet but was able to create an environment that was comfortable and fun and the end result was a cherished keepsake for my daughter for years to come.

  • Rina P.

    When my cousin got her poem she told me she almost cried. She was astounded by it— surprised, and very touched. What a beautiful thing Cathy has going. There’s no gift quite like it. (Oh, and full disclosure, I cried when she read the poem to me right after she wrote it!)

  • Lori M.

    Cathy is a truly remarkably talented poet who has come up with a beautiful way to make us feel closer in an evermore virtual world. In real time, she will type a poem for you on a topic dear to you! 

  • Stephanie R.

    The one-on-one consultation was like speaking with a friend and the poem Cathy created for me really hit home.  All I need to do is "let go" and I will find the path that lay ahead of me.  

  • Julie L.

    I am still teary just thinking about how well you honoured our dear friend.  Thank you for giving us that gift.  A treasured memory to last a lifetime. So much better than any wrapped gift.


The cost per typewriter poem is $75 (Canadian).

Gift certificates and appreciation certificates are available for employees, clients, sponsors, staff, and team members.

Do you have another idea for a poetic experience? Let's chat, collaborate, and create!

Contact me to get a typewriter poem